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Chris Kattan DUI is Over. He’ll be at TWO 12 Step Meetings.

Monday could have ended a lot worse for Chris Kattan. After comedian Kattan pleaded “not guilty” to his recent DUI charge, the judge ordered him to attend exactly two AA meetings, TMZ reports. Kattan faced the possibility of up to six months in prison and a $1,000 fine, according to a Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office spokesperson cited by the Daily News.

In the brief interview with TMZ, Kattan said he knew he was taken under suspicion of DUI, and blamed his bizarre behavior on exhaustion following a 15-hour flight. He also mentioned medications that were prescribed after back surgery.

"It was some medication for my back. I had surgery."
Chris Kattan is ordered to attend TWO 12 step meetings, following his DUI arrest.
Chris Kattan is like Chuck Norris. He can do the 12 Steps in just 2 meetings


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