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Drugged Driving in the Drop-Off Line

Alcohol isn’t the only drug that will make the police pull you out from behind the wheel. A woman in Blackman Township, Mich. was arrested on Feb. 13 for driving under the influence of prescription drugs and for child endangerment.

The unnamed 30 year old woman was dropping her 9-year-old off at the elementary school. Two other children, aged 7 and 1, were also in the car.

Police performed a field sobriety test (drunk driving test) on the woman after a school employee called to report the woman’s condition, according to website MLive. It isn’t clear what specific drugs she was taking, but officers are checking if she had a valid prescription for her medication. Her children were placed in foster care.

Busted for DUI in the elementary school drop-off line. Was this mom self medicating?

Intoxicated drivers in Michigan have it tough. According to the state’s vehicle code, anything that makes a driver seem “visibly impaired” is grounds for an operating while intoxicated charge (Michigan’s version of a DUI). Under state law anyone driving under the influence of any drugs, even those with prescriptions for them, could face charges if they fail a field sobriety test.

State laws differ when it comes to drugged driving, but one third of states, including Michigan, use the “per se” standard set by the federal government in 2010 to define what constitutes drugged driving. “Per se” means that any detectable amount of a controlled substance in a drivers system is grounds for a DUI conviction. Punishments for a first-time conviction include community service, up to 93 days in jail and a fine between $100 and $500.

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