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RakNominate: A Kinder, Gentler NekNominate?

Instead of tragic deaths, how about random acts of kindness? NekNominate is a social media game where people film themselves doing dangerous things, drunk. Now, one British man is trying to change the face of the game.

Edward Lennie, from Newcastle, England posted videos of himself stripping down to his underwear, and giving his $700 suit to a homeless man. Still in the tradition of NekNominate, he toasted us all with a glass of wine. In an interview posted on Mail Online, Lennie says he tried to change the focus of the NekNomination craze from dangerous and risky acts into good deeds. He’s named this new interpretation of the game RAKnominate (Random Act of Kindness).

Lennie nominated a few British celebrities to continue the game: Michael Buble, Robbie Williams, and Olly Murs.

When Neknominate started I just got the feeling that it was going to escalate and become dangerous and I was right.

RAKnominate has gained some attention. YouTubers have posted over 3,300 videos of RAKnomination in the two weeks since Edward Lennie started his campaign.

A number of deaths have been attributed to NekNominate worldwide.

NekNominate plus Randon Acts of Kindness = RakNonimate??



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