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Chris Kattan DUI

Chris Kattan, a regular on Saturday Night Live (SNL), has been arrested for DUI.

Chris Kattan, a regular on Saturday Night Live (SNL), has been arrested for DUI (PR Photos)

DUI stands for driving under the influence, and according to breaking news reports, Chris Kattan was probably influenced by prescription medications, not alcohol. We don’t actually know very much at all, despite the fact that in the last few hours TMZ has published 4 posts entitled “Chris Kattan 911 Call: He’s drunk…“, “Chris Kattan — Out of it on Airplane before DUI Arrest“, “Chris Kattan Lashes out over DUI Arrest…“, and “Chris Kattan — Arrested for DUI“.

DUI traditionally means driving under the influence of alcohol, but with the increased use of prescription medications, especially painkillers, and the legalization of marijuana in some states, DUI now includes “drugged driving” and driving under the influence of any substance.

Some prescription drugs have been targeted for more research about their contribution to impaired driving.



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