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NekNominate Deaths

NekNomination is a drinking challenge game, that has been spreading virally around the world via social media. When one is “Nek Nominated”, one must concoct a stunt “more impressive” than the publicized stunts of those who nominated you.

People are dying, because they take on high risk to “win” the game. The game is a “perfect storm” exploitation of social media: you are challenged in public, in front of your social media circles, and encouraged to “impress”, even if it means taking on huge risk. And if you don’t understand those risks, you may get hurt, or die.

Here are the known NekNomination Deaths so far:

  • Ross Cummins (Ireland, 22 years old): A DJ found dead, with his “sudden death” linked to an alcohol Nek Nomination challenge
  • Jonny Byrne (Ireland, 22 years old): said to have downed a pint of whiskey and cocktails in a NekNomination challenge that included jumping into a river. He was found dead the next morning.
  • Isaac Richardson (UK, 20 years old) : died of a “lethal mix” cocktail, as part of a NekNomination challenge
  • Stephen Brooks (UK, 29 years old): Police reported he collapsed and died apparently after drinking a pint of vodka for a Nek Nomination
  • David Nuno (Chula Vista, CA, 15 years old): died after attempting to recreate a NekNominate-like video of the choking game. He fell, cutting his throat on a glass.
  • Bradley Eames (UK, 20 years old): found dead four days after filming himself drinking two pints of gin in a NekNominate challenge. His friends say they warned him the game was dangerous, but he had to “show who is boss”.


ANOTHER death playing Nek Nominate game. Track the Nek Nomination deaths at


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