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“Pill Mill” Economy Exposed in New York

Up to $500 million dollars in oxycodone. Several licensed doctors, who only got paid if they wrote prescriptions. One or more “clinics” limiting their activities to almost exclusively dispensing prescription pain medicines, and even then just a few of the most powerful (and addictive) ones like oxycodone. Gruff thugs bringing “patients” on from the streets to stand  in line for “examinations” and to receive prescriptions for pain pills that would be handed over later for sale on the black market. Brief doctor visits. Fake MRI scans. Improper paperwork. Cash or money order only; no insurance and no government subsidized Medicare or Medicaid. According to investigative reporters from Newsday, prosecutors count 31,000 prescriptions as fake, for 5.5 million tablets of oxycodone.

Dr. Robert Terdiman, sold the painkiller drug "on a scale we have not seen before -- flooding the black market with oxycodone carrying a street value of over $90 million"
- A Special Narcotics Prosecutor, cited by Newsday

This is a Pill Mill. The only things missing from the report of a bust of this Bronx-based pill mill are the cars and the buses.

When Florida suffered it’s first pill mill challenge in 2010, the southern Florida lifestyle enjoyed by the corrupt doctors and operators included Lamborghinis, Ferraris, and Rolls Royce cars. One post-bust auction included a rare Mercedes-Benz McLaren SLR. And as the pill mill industry advanced profitably into 2011 despite local efforts to regulate dispensing in Florida, so-called “patients” were bused in from nearby states. The Florida pill mill had become the interstate pharmacy: the new hub for the illegal distribution of prescription pain killers to drug addicts all over the southeast.

"The doctors were corrupt, board-certified, state-licensed doctors who, in exchange for cash, were willing to write medically unnecessary prescriptions"

Will we see this grow the northeast now, or is this bust the beginning of attention that could derail efforts to “go big” with the illegal dispensing of prescription pain killers? This bust wasn’t mentioned in the prior reports of “high prescribers” identified by the DEA during earlier oxycodone/hydrocodone clamp downs.In Florida, so-called “high prescribers” were targeted by the DEA for extra scrutiny, and pharmacies were apparently pressured to also scrutinize.

In this case, alleged doctor-owners and doctor-operators reportedly deposited large numbers of money orders into personal bank accounts. One reported earned $12 million from the prescribing activities of staff doctors.

Large Pill Mill busted in New York...lots of oxycodone...




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