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Face Biting Zombie Attack in Florida

We have another face-biting attack in Florida, by a man authorities and witnesses say exhibited unusual strength, did not respond to pain, and acted in a manner suggesting he was high on “some sort of narcotic”. Police chased, tasered, and then shot the naked man 3 times. He died.

The 6 foot 3 inch, 250 plus pound man randomly attacked a man and his son, a retired police officer, and young woman and her male friend (who fought back and was bitten), before police chased him down Tuesday night near Military Trail close to Delray beach in Palm Beach County.

Raging, naked man on drugs attacks: face biting returns to Florida

This is yet another story of an adult male apparently drugged, removing his clothes, wandering in a rage violently attacking people passing by, and exhibiting unusual strength while ignoring pain and consequences.  There were numerous similar reports when the drug PCP emerged in the 1980s, and again recently with the introduction of synthetic cannabinoids and “bath salts”.

In the spring of 2012, the first horrid report of a drug-fueled face-eating zombie attacking an innocent victim shocked the world.  Reported to be high on bath salts, he was killed by police.  The zombie connection scared people, and caused Canada to issue emergency actions for addressing bath salts and cross-border travel. Subsequent reports of a man killing his own son while high on bath salts, and most recently a man who stabbed his own mother before cutting off his penis, while high on bath salts.


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