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Asian Girlz: Glaxo Drug Reps in China to Offer Docs Sex for Scripts

Asian Girlz sterotyping continues, with new reports that Galxo drug reps in China were encouraged to provide sexual favors to doctors who wrote prescriptions

Asian Girlz stereotyping continues, with new reports that Glaxo (GSK) drug reps in China were encouraged to provide sexual favors to doctors who wrote prescriptions for Glaxo’s drugs.

Xinhua (the Chinese news bureau) reports that Glaxo Smith-Kline’s expansion into China involved more than just cash bribes to doctors who write more scripts. Now we have word of pharmaceutical reps being trained to offer doctors additional favors, when cash isn’t enough to fuel increased prescriptions for GSK’s drugs.

At least one Chinese pharmaceutical rep admits that included offering to satisfy doctors’ “sexual desires” to promopt more prescriptions for Glaxo’s drugs.

The Telegraph reports in English that the GSK china scandal is getting more attention with these new revelations. The recently-pulled “Asian Girlz” viral video, which typecast  “Asian Girl” model Levy Tran  as sexy, loose, and available sexually to the men who admire her, provoked outrage with allegations of “racism” and Asian girl stereotypes.  The video was pulled from Youtube within days of launch, due to threats and negative feedback about racial stereotyping.

The defenders of Asian culture appear to be having a difficult month, as media consumers eat up the news of sex + Asian girls + any other topic (such as pharmaceutical drugs).

Glaxo is under investigation by the Chinese government for bribery scheme within China, which said to have fueled Glaxo’s China growth:

Authorities claim the transactions were disguised as payments to a complex network of 700 travel agents - middlemen who organise conferences and events for doctors.
- Telegraph

Gaxo is not the only firm to be facing investigation. Cited reports state that  Sanofi, Novartis, Merck and Roche all “admitted that they had also used the same travel agency that GSK allegedly funneled bribes through”. AstraZeneca had one employee detained for questioning.

This is not the first (nor last?) time pharmaceutical reps have been accused of trading sex to doctors for commercial support. While defending itself against charges of sexual discrimination, Novartis heard the plaitiff’s attorney claim:

Novartis had a corporate culture that expected female sales reps to be “available and amenable to sexual advances” from the doctors they met while marketing drugs

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Chinese Drugs Reps trade Sex for Scripts


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