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Accused Florida Pill Mill in Ft. Meyer Busted

The Florida “Business Observer” reports a Federal indictment has been served on the owners/operators of St. Jude’s Pharmacy, located at 1202 NE Pine Island RoadCape Coral, FL 33909-2197. The indictment report names St. Jude Pharmacy owner Jorge Otana with charges associated with controlled substances, and his wife Martha Otana for charges associated with managing cash from the business.

The U.S. Attorney also says it intends to seize a house, two cars and computers used in the offense. In addition, Otano and his wife, Martha Otano, 41, were indicted for evading the requirements of the Bank Secrecy Act by depositing cash in various bank accounts under the $10,000 limit that triggers the reporting requirement that alerts federal regulators.
- Business Observer

The St. Jude Pharmacy was one of many in the Cape Coral/ Fort Meyer area highlighted by oxy-seeking community members on a popular online website dealing with painkillers during the Florida “pill mill” crackdown of 2011. As can be seen below, it has become quite a lot of work to find pharmacies in Florida willing to fill prescriptions for large doses of oxycontin.

What Doctor you go to makes a difference. I go to a clinic in Bonita called Southwest Florida Medical Solutions. Most of the pharmacies will not fill anymore for this clinic. I am going to be switching doctors because of this. Its not right these pharmacies are profiling. Last week, I went to the Walgreens on Sumerlin and Colonial blvd, they had them in stock and said to me I don't feel comfortable filing this type of medication. There is also a backorder going on so its really hard to get Roxy 30's now. The Walgreens on Cleaveland ave. always has them but will not fill for you unless you have been going to that exact location every month. The kmart on Iona and McGregor have them but they are not taking new pain medication patients. Try St. Judes in the cape. Carrel pharmacy close by the mall in Ft. Myers. Acology in the cape. Pharmacology close to the kmart on McGregor, CVS, Walgreens, Any WinDixie's, Publix. Basically its hit or miss you are going to have to drive and drive untill you find a place. One day they might have it and another day be out. Most of the places are out right now until after the holidays. They always tell you over the phone they are out, so don't bother calling. Gulf coast pharmacy in Port Charlotte will fill for you they have caps but, I heard they were really good. They will be in stock sometime next week.
- MedsChat.com

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