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Did Westerville, OH Daycare Drug the Children?

Police interview on Channel 10 where he says "We're pretty positive that she did this"

Screen cpature from Police interview on Channel 10 where he says “We’re pretty positive that she did this”

Did a Westerville, Ohio child-care operator secretly spike childrens’ sippy cups with Benadryl and melatonin to keep them quiet? Or is Tammy Eppley, owner of the “Caterpillar Clubhouse” a victim of the media’s thirst for scandal, and her own reckless text messaging?

WBNS-TV (Channel 10) broadcast “exclusive” video of an interview where Tammy Eppley (in tears) denies all of the claims, suggesting her sarcasm in text messages may have supported the claims made by arresting police. An earlier investigation of the same claims by Franklin County Children Services was closed, because the claims could not be substantiated. The Columbus Dispatch reports police have now charged Eppley with 6 counts of child endangerment.

While neither Channel 10 nor the Columbia Dispatch have shown evidence, they claim Police have cell phone video of drugged children:”Police said the video depicted several of the children under the influence”. They also claim Eppley mixed “sleep-inducing ingredients into batter for pancakes and other snacks”.

Also of note: the tip that caused the initial investigations was submitted by an ex-best friend of Eppley’s, after their relationship turned sour. That investigation ended without charges, but Eppley’s ex-husband notified the Police, which led to the police obtaining copies of the cell phone video and text messages that are being used to create a case against her, according to the Dispatch.

Perhaps this is a case of mis-use of over the counter drugs (like diphenhydramine, the active ingredient in Benadryl) and inappropriate child care. But maybe we’ll learn the reason her best friend is no longer her best friend had something to do with her ex-husband, and this is a witch hunt.

Ohio Woman Drugs Kids

Westerville, Ohio is a northeatern suburb of Columbus,  just north of the Outer Belt (Rt 270, Jack Nicklaus Freeway). Westerville has twice been nominated to Money Magazine’s “Best Places to Live” list.


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