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Internet Black Market Drug Sales to Top 25 Million this year

Not everyone knows there is an Internet underneath the world wide web. An “Underweb”, which cannot be accessed with your standard web browser. And on this encrypted, onion-routed layer of traffic sit several black markets where just about anything is sold.

Most people who do know about the black markets (like “Silk Road” and “Atlantis“)  learned about them while reading about Bitcoins. With digital currency like Bitcoins, you can buy and sell without trusting banks, credit card companies or other middlemen. And perhaps more importantly, you can buy and sell without having to comply with terms. The terms of traditional (legal) transaction middlemen include restrictions prohibiting sales of illegal drugs. With Bitcoins, nobody’s watching. Black markets like Silk Road host vendors who routinely sell illegal drugs.

Watchers of the black markets think that illegal black market sales on the underwebs will exceed $US 25 million for the first time this year.  One June 4th, Silk Road administrators announced they had “at least 1,239 vendors actively selling” in the marketplace. One marketplace, known as BMR (“Black Market Reloaded“), turned 2 years old last week, with an estimated monthly trading volume in excess of US$600,000. Atlantis a smaller marketplace, just started in March of 2013, is anticipated to exceed $2million in sales for the year.

"Users can be far more informed about what is in the drug they are taking than they generally can be with a street deal and, of course, there is no chance of violence as there may be in a street deal. For as long as people are going to take drugs, the online model is preferable to the street-dealing model."

The Black Markets in the underwebs represent a tiny fraction of the overall worldwide illegal drug trade, but there is keen interest in them and they are growing quickly. If technology improves, to make it easier for the public to participate in the black markets, the black markets will thrive. We’ll cover some of this in upcoming posts to JohnsAddiction.com if you let us know you’d like to read more about it. Just post a comment.

Internet black markets to pass $25M this year, much of it illegal drug sales.



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