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Pot Bacon

Editor’s Note: As western states Washington and Colorado push forward with marijuana legalization, citizens of those states are enjoying a colorful life of change. Imagine how things in your life might change if pot was legal. Much of your wildest dreams are currently coming true in cities like Seattle and Denver, as entrepreneurs innovate. We’ll cover some of this here on JohnsAddiction.

Screen cap from NWCN report of "pot fed pork", BBQ and bacon frompigs fed marijuana and vodka.

Screen cap from NWCN report of “pot fed pork”, BBQ and bacon frompigs fed marijuana and vodka.

Pigs eat anything. Pot growers sometimes need to “get rid of” unworthy crops. So it’s not very surprising that a local pig farmer outside Seattle, Washington started experimenting with marijuana as pig food. After all, pig farming is all about feeding the pigs whatever they will eat (and they will eat almost everything) to reduce the costs of growing the pigs, while still producing a quality pork product.

How’d he do? His “pot fed pig” bacon and BBQ products sold out almost immediately. The Head 2 Tail shop in Seattle’s Pike Place Market neighborhood sold pork BBQ and bacon.

According to NWCN reports, the pigs were fed a combination of pot and booze for the final few months of their lives. And not just any booze. Premium, Woodinville Project V Vodka, reportedly provided by local distiller Woodinville Whiskey just for this experiment (and presumed to also have been a cast-off batch of their normally very expensive booze).

It’s all in an innovative year for a progressive culture (one of the kinder ways people describe the Seattle scene when it comes to topics of drugs and alcohol).

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Pot Bacon: Seattle store quickly sells out of bacon from pot-and-vodka fed pigs

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  1. Cue the pot jokes… but they may not be jokes anymore!

    Did the pigs get the munchies? Did that make them grow fatter, faster?

    Did the bacon contain THC? Does that make bacon even more addictive?

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