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Florida Man Hides Drugs in Dirty Diaper

No cop would ever search through a dirty diaper for drugs, right? Wrong. Ewwww.

No cop would ever search through a dirty diaper for drugs, right? Wrong. Ewwww.

The Northwest Florida Daily News website (“News and Information for the Emerald Coast”) published a report of a man doing the unthinkable – stashing his pot in a dirty diaper. The man probably hoped the officer that had pulled him over wouldn’t notice (and wouldn’t find the pot).

But the Fort Walton Police are indeed dedicated to their work. After watching the 23 year old Shalimar, Florida man fuss with his baby, reports the daily, the officer found 15 grams of marijuana in the dirty diaper the man had thrown into the trash. That means, worst case, the officer suffered a full nose of the stinky stuff in the line of duty, in order to protect and serve. Or should we say line of “doody”?

The driver was arrested.

It was a simple story, but the comments are telling of the status of drug tolerance and the War on Drugs in America. First comment right away slams the accused, noting that the arrested man probably lost his child to “the system” when he was arrested, and that the child was probably “better off”. The comment came from an obviously pro-enforcement reader who identifies himself as a worker at the “Commonwealth of Pennsylvania”. This  was followed by a more sympathetic but equally insulting reader who noted:

“How could you say that! He smokes some weed so he doesn’t deserve his child. I’m sure he loved his kid. I’m sure this is terrible for him just because of a PLANT”.

What follows is an argument in the comment stream… taking positions from “he broke the law…put his harm’s way” to “he supports the corrupt racist drug war because it is job security for his cracker friends” and even a psychological assessment of drug enforcers:

Many famous ‘drug warriors’ have been and are guilty of using, smuggling, or pushing drugs. Nixon was addicted to the narcotic Dilantin. Ronald Reagan was a spokesman for Chesterfield cigarettes, the most deadly drug on the planet. Ronnie’s Iran Contra operation was a front for coke smuggling. Nancy Reagan (a child abuser) was addicted to tranquilizers. Bush H. (a Halcion addict) was on the board of Eli Lily, makers of the dangerous and defective Darvocet. Bill Clinton inhaled. Bush W. was an alcoholic that refused to deny doing illegal drugs. Rush Limbaugh was busted for pills. Mitt Romney was working at Bain Capital when they were pushing cigarettes on the poor in the former Soviet Union.

The short article spawned a comment thread that is an example of the raging debate in today’s America.


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