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Maybe the Dog Did It? Cleveland Indians pitcher Chris Perez Caught with Pot

Cleveland Indians pitcher Chris Perez was charged with misdemeanor drug possessioni when police confiscated packages containing marijuana addressed to his dog at his Rocky River house.

Cleveland Indians pitcher Chris Perez was charged with misdemeanor drug possession when police confiscated packages containing marijuana addressed to his dog at his Rocky River, Ohio home.

Chris Perez, the closing pitcher for the Cleveland Indians, came under legal complications with the Rocky River police this week. His accomplices to the alleged crime? His wife Melanie and dog Brody. Yes, Chris Perez’s dog.

It seems his dog “Brody Baum” ordered two packages of marijuana,  which were delivered to the Rocky River home on June 4 by an undercover cop. According to The Plain Dealer, when the undercover cop delivered the packages, Melanie Perez confirmed that the packages were meant for that address and were correctly addressed to the dog. Apparently loyal Brody the dog uses Melanie’s maiden name “Baum”, and has not adopted the family name Perez.

An official U.S. Postal Inspection Service Report, which was utilized to justify the police action against Chris and Melanie Perez, credits a drug-sniffing police dog with confirming the suspicion that the packages did ,in fact, contain marijuana.

The postal service report also said the packages contained more than 9 ounces of the illegal substance, a fourth-degree misdemeanor. It’s not every day that you can credit a dog for sniffing out fellow canine’s foul play.

A search warrant allowed U.S. postal inspectors, the Rocky River police, and members of the Westshore Enforcement Bureau to search the home while Perez and his wife were out. A babysitter was watching their two children.

While it is possible that dogs can lick stamps, they cannot write checks, use credit cards, or drop an order into the mail so Brody Baum was not the only suspect. According to multiple reports, both Chris and his wife Melanie are now facing charges of misdemeanor drug possession and will be appearing in court for their hearing June 19 at 9:00 AM.

The Associated Press reported that Perez admitted `personal use’ of marijuana and that he voluntarily showed investigators where they could find additional marijuana and paraphernalia in his house.

The Cleveland Indians General Manager Chris Antonetti issued this statement Friday afternoon:

"Clearly we take these matters seriously and are disappointed whenever there is any negative attention brought to the Indians organization or one of our players. We understand and respect that there is an ongoing legal process that we will allow to evolve.”
- Chris Antonetti

We can only speculate Brody Baum’s motive for purchasing the marijuana. This past Monday Perez was placed on a 15-day disabled list because of soreness in his pitching arm, a few days before the packages were delivered. Perhaps it was not a coincidence that the marijuana was delivered just in time for Chris’s 15 days of disability? Medical marijuana is used for pain relief. Was Brody Baum just trying to help manage his owner’s pain? If so, what a good dog.

Cleveland Indians pitcher Chris Perez busted when his dog ordered marijuana by mail. Maybe he should have a cat?

About Chris Perez:

Chris Perez joined Major League Baseball when he was drafted by the St. Louis Cardinals in 2006. After a few years with the Cardinals, Perez was traded to the Cleveland Indians, where he has been closing pitcher since July 2010 wearing Indians’ jersey #54. His “Best in the Majors” save count (23 of 24) earned him roles on two All Star teams.


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