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Spice Sales Protest in Largo, Florida

Locals in Largo, Florida claim a store in their town is selling illegal synthetic designer drugs to minors, and parents want the cops to step in and do something.

Concerned citizens staged a protest in front of Riley’s Foodmart on Seminole Blvd. on Wednesday, May 15th, The Largo Leader reported. One mom stood outside with her teenage daughter who has undergone treatment four times for synthetic drug addiction. Another mother came with her 16 year old son, who she sent into the store the previous weekend to buy the illegal drugs while she waited. He allegedly came back with what he went in for: a package said contain illegal synthetic drugs.

A local newspaper quoted a Riley’s Foodmart worker, saying: “We just work here for a little amount of money. We don’t know about the law that much”. Really?

Locals accuse Florida store of selling illegal synthetic drugs.

Florida has a history of being proactive in trying to control the drug abuse problem. The state is home to many detox and rehab facilities. The federal government, via the DEA, has banned the manufacture and sale of “fake marijuana” products and moved them to Schedule I status in the Controlled Substances Act (See our articles ‘3 “Fake Pot” Drugs Made Illegal by DEA‘).

Last year we reported on efforts to control the distribution and use of “bath salts” and “fake pot” in our articles “Operation Log Jam Deemed a Success: 19 million packets of synthetic drugs and $36 million in cash seized“.

In February 2012 we reported on successful prosecutions related to “Operation Oxy Alley” which targeted pain clinics in Florida’s Broward and Palm Beach counties.



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