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‘Teen Mom’ Star Pleads Guilty to DUI

The New York Daily News has reported that Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham pleaded guilty to DUI in court, where she received a sentence of six months probation, a $500 fine and has to abstain from consuming alcohol during her probation.

Farrah Abraham pleads guilty to DUI charges in court, is sentenced to fine and probation, and tweets "Time to Party" afterwards.

Farrah Abraham receives fine and probation for DUI charges and tweets “time to party” after learning sentence from court.

Abraham is a star in the fourth season of reality TV show Teen Mom, though she is currently referred to by some as “Back Door Teen Mom” because of the porn video she reportedly filmed with actor James Deen (reportedly entitled “Back Door Teen Mom”). Celebrity websites report she just sold the film to Vivid Entertainment for upwards of $1 million, and that she had been shopping the film hoping to get $2 million.

Oddly, Farrah decided to bring her 4-year-old daughter, Sophia and father along with her to negotiate the deal for her sex tape which was caught by the TMZ paparazzi, according to celebrity websites.

It would not be surprising to learn the media attention was an effort to boost the potential value of the film as she shopped it around. Now that Vivid Entertainment is interested in it, we can imagine that attracting continued media attention is either part of the deal, or perhaps part of a bonus arrangement.

Is the DUI for real? Farrah reportedly didn’t blow the breathalyzer, and wasn’t actually driving (nor in the driver’s seat). Did she bait the police to get media attention? Perhaps she underestimated the effort they would put in to pursuing charges, or the complexity of the various laws that allow police to levy a DUI charge on someone who might not be driving but has car keys, an open car or is even in the back seat.

Many of the Teen Mom stars have gone on to draw media attention, and usually not positive attention. This DUI seems to be just another example of bad judgement exhibited by “Back Door Farrah”.

Do you think Farrah Abraham purposefully got a DUI to help promote her sex tape?

Yes, I think "Teen Mom" star Farrah Abraham is using her DUI scandal to sell more of her sex tapes."
No, I think "Teen Mom" star Farrah Abraham just made a poor decision to drink and drive, unrelated to her sex tape."


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