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Drugged Driving on Toxic Pot: Naked, Happy Florida Man Crashes Car (Orlando)

Not sure where to begin on this one…. there are reports of a car crash on Honour Road (in Orlando, in Orange County Florida) with a hazardous / toxic chemical spill. The road had to be closed, and troopers responding to the scene had to be treated for toxic exposure.

The driver was reported to be a naked local Florida man, dancing happy outside his crashed car. The news reports have him smoking marijuana treated with formaldehyde (intentionally) in the car. The car was filled with formaldehyde fumes, which is the toxic spill part of the story, and which led to the medical issues with first responders as well as the driver.

"Two Orange County deputies and a Florida Highway Patrol trooper were overcome by fumes and transported to a nearby hospital, along with the driver."

Drugged driving. Pot laced with formaldehyde. A crash into a row of bushes, along a sidewalk, into a wall. There are so many “what ifs” applicable to this story:

  • what if someone was on that sidewalk
  • what if the wall wasn’t in the way… how far would he have driven off course? Into what or whom?
  • despite crashing into a wall, he was dancing naked when the police arrived. That’s some happy high

Dipping pot into chemicals is not a new idea, but continues to be a bad one. New Jersey struggled with a series of violent incidents in 2005 traced to formaldehyde-laced pot. NORML reported on the dangers of laced marijuana in Pennsylvania as well (see resources below).


Common street names for tainted joints and pot laced with chemicals are “dipped buds”, Fry, Sherm, Stix, wet angel stick, amp, ddt, tick, ill, crazy eddie, drank, drunk stick, “Love Boat”, wet-wet, whack, wet daddy, water stick. Many of these terms are just street lingo for how people act when high on the drug: whacked out, or “beserk”. Like the famous bath salts face-eating zombie attack, various chemicals and drug mixtures are known to cause bizarre and often violent behaviors.



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