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Marijuana Vending Machines

MedBox armored marijuana vending machines

MedBox armored marijuana vending machines are more like vaults than goodie dispensers.

Marijuana vending machines are here!

Manufacturer Medbox,  a company that claims to provide “the dispensing solution” has a set of 800lb armored vending machines at the ready for dispensing medical marijuana in San Diego.

From the Medbox website:

Medbox, through its subsidiaries, offers turn-key consulting services to the alternative medicine industry as well as the traditional pharmaceutical industry. The Company provides consulting services and licensing assistance to individuals and groups seeking to establish new clinics and facilities, primarily in jurisdictions that have recently passed legislation concerning the availability of alternative medicines as well as existing jurisdictions, nationwide.

These “vending machines” were in the news because San Diego approved them, saying they were not actually “vending machines” in the sense of 24 hour, unattended dispensers. The Med Box “Canna Med Box” is more like a vault, intended to be located behind the counter in a secure facility like a pharmacy. With touch screens, required pre-paid cards and fingerprint scans, the pot vending machine is a serious machine. It supposedly imposes full accounting for inventory, access controls, and tax reporting as well. San Diego granted the company an opportunity to demonstrate the technology, to show it was not one of those “snack machines” local authorities were concerned would pop up all around town once marijuana was legal.

While Medbox makes the secure boxes, they want everyone to know they do not make the pot:

Our Company does not engage in the production, sale, or marketing of any products dispensed through our machines





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