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Mom Encourages Toddler to Hit Bong – Mom Arrested

mom-toddler-smoking-pot-bongLast year, Washington and Colorado passed legislation loosening restrictions  on marijuana. Washington State legalized it, via changes to medical marijuana laws, personal use allowances, and changes to penalties.  Now we see  a video allegedly showing a 22 month old enthusiastically taking a hit from a glass bong. Amazing.

According to reports out of Tacoma, police raided a home where a mother allegedly passed the bong to her toddler during  an at-home “let’s get high” gathering. Police raided the house and arrested the 24 year old mom and the 25 year old father. They found pot plants, guns, and presumably the giddy toddler.

The charges against the dad included three counts of unlawful possession of a firearm. Both parents were charged with “manufacturing marijuana” (not sure what that means). Shortly afterwards this video surfaced, and police have charged the mom with unlawfully delivering a controlled substance to a minor. The toddler has been placed into protective custody.

Mom shares bong with toddler - who happily takes a hit (video).

It was surely some harsh bud, as the kid coughed right away after taking a hit… just kidding. The big serious issue is how life will change for junior now, with both Daddy and Mommy in lockup, and after experiencing the chaos and disaster that came after he “smoked a little weed with mommy and daddy”.

No matter how you feel about legalization and drug use, the kid was encouraged to smoke before he was even 2 years old. This is clearly a failure in parenting, regardless of the substance burned in the bong. It may be  an example of  the influence  drugs have on judgement, which can lead to family destruction and forever disfigured lives and personalities.


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