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Celebrity Suicide with Dr. Drew Pinsky

“Celebrity Rehab” with Dr. Drew may becomeĀ  known as Celebrity Suicide.

Country Western singer Mindy McCready is the fifth cast member of the reality drug and alcohol treatment cable television (VH1) show to die during the past two years. McCready committed suicide Sunday, a month after her partner (father of her son) committed suicide on the same porch of their home.

  • Alice in Chains bassist Mike Starr: dies March 2011 at age 44
  • Grease” actor Jeff Conaway, died of pneumonia in May 2011, believed to be a complication of extended painkiller abuse and addiction (a person who dies of painkiller overdose basically shuts down; the painkillers sedate the person to death)
  • Rodney King appeared on the show in Season 2. King died of accidental drowning in a pool, with alcohol, cocaine, and marijuana noted as contributing factors (CNN reported).
  • Joey Kovar of the “Real World” TV show appeared on the show in the 3rd season, as did McCready. Kovar died at age 29 in August of 2012.

Dr. Drew is under fire for what some are calling exploitation of his guests, who are sometimes in the midst of withdrawal or in the earliest stages of what could become recovery from a life consumed by substance abuse. There is no question that “reality tv” is exploitation. There is controversy over whether or not reality tv helps improve things for those consumed by substance dependency and addiction, both directly (since they get access to attention and treatment) and indirectly (as the show raises public awareness of the issues associated with substance misuse, abuse, and addiction).

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Reality TV Celebrity Rehab is cursed... now 5 dead.

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