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Lottery Winners Celebrate with Explosive Meth & Marijuana Party

Two brothers in Witchita Kansas are being called “dumb and dumber” today, after they blew up their own house. After winning $75,000 in the instant lottery, they decided to celebrate with a house party. In this case that party involved meth and marijuana, which means there were glass pipes and bongs,  which need a flame, which necessitates a lighter. Lighters need butane, and the butane led to the explosion. Who  could have known? One of the brothers is in the hospital in critical condition; the other is in custody.

The headlines tell the story:

"Money no cure for stupid! Kansas brothers win $75K in lottery - celebrate by accidentally blowing up house after meth and marijuana party gets out of control"
"Brothers blow up house while celebrating lottery win with drugs"
"Brothers celebrate $75,000 lottery win by buying marijuana and meth - before accidentally blowing up their house"
- Daily Mail (UK)

The explosion was caused by a butane cloud filling the house, set off by the pilot light of the furnace. Reports suggest two full cans of butane were emptied in an attempt to refill the lighter, before the explosion interrupted the party. Cops laughed while explaining what happened during a press release.



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