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2 Chainz arrested for Weed Grinder

Rapper 2Chainz with cops after being arrested for marijuana and drug paraphernalia charges in Maryland

Rapper 2Chainz (Tauheed Epps) with cops after being arrested for marijuana and drug paraphernalia charges in Maryland

Rapper 2 Chainz is now in chains because of “drug paraphernalia”? I can only imagine how many new rhymes are now being devised “para phernalia” (which, by the way, can be made to rhyme with “grind-uh”).

So the reports are, Tauheed Epps (real name) was arrested for possessing drug paraphernalia and marijuana. The rapper, who goes by stage name “2 Chainz” and twitter handle “Tity Boi” is scheduled to perform on stage in Detroit on February 20th. According to EW.com, his travel van was stopped by Maryland Police who searched the contents. With 7 people in the van, one backpack was found to contain a weed grinder and 2 Chainz took ownership of it, resulting in his arrest.

Baltimore Sun reporters say the cops pulled them over for speeding, and them smelled marijuana coming from the van:

"Black said police smelled an odor of burnt marijuana, and conducted a probable cause search where they found a backpack containing a grinder with trace amounts of marijuana."
- BaltSun

Some reports claim Epps stood  up and took the fall for whomever actually owned the weed, but other reports claim Epps reported the cops wanted him to arrest, even though a different member of his crew took ownership for it. Epps later tweeted that the cops wanted pictures with him, and he posted the one shown here.

A typical comment from the web highlights a common perspective about such arrests for small amounts of marijuana and personal accessories:

Why are all these people still calling marijuana “drugs”? Alcohol is scientificly proven to be a more dangerous and addictive substance. Unless these people are moving pounds of it why are our officers wasting our tax money on something so meager and insignificant?


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