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Drunk Driving inside Florida Wal-Mart (electric scooter)


What do you get when you combine a homeless unemployed man, a Florida Wal-Mart, free electric scooters for shoppers, shelves loaded with Daiquiri drink pouches, and a smile? A Felony arrest!

WFLA.com Florida News Channel 8 reported that a 48 year old Timothy Carr was arrested for driving an electric Wal-Mart scooter while under the influence (allegedly?). Between the police reports, the charging documents, the Smoking Gun website and the investigative reporting, this story involves a self-professed unemployed homeless man, an electric shopping scooter inside Wal-Mart, and one or more “Daily Daiquiri” beverages reportedly lifted from the shelves and consumed while scooting around.

The story rounds out with several crashes, disorderly conduct charges, a prior shoplifting record, and new felony charges that should place this unemployed, likely-alcoholic vagrant behind bars in the prison hotel for a while. No violence reported, and a smile on the face of the perp at booking time. Can we say this story has a happy ending?

Cops noted that Carr had a “difficult time standing and talking” during questioning.
- Smoking Gun

Anyone who has been arguing against the idea that the prison has become our treatment method of choice for unemployed, homeless, substance-dependent individuals, now has more work to do, at least in Florida.

Florida, homeless vagrant, Wal-mart electric scooter, alcohol.

Excerpted from the charging document:

“…did unlawfully and feloniously obtain or use, or endeavor to obtain or use the property of WALMART…of the value of less than $300, with the intent to.. deprive WalMart of the right to the property or a benefit thereof…did unlawfully endanger the safety of another..while intoxicated…while intoxicated or drinking alcoholic beverages in a public place cause a public disturbance…Florida statute 856.011…select two packages of Daily Daiquiri and proceed to drink them in the store…driving a Walmart owned electric cart..knocked several items off the shelves causing damage…did not have any money…had a difficult time standing and talking…placed under arrest…”



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