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Stoner Science: Marijuana’s Effect on the Brain

I call it “Stoner Science”.. an instructional video claiming to explain the science behind why marijuana is so good, unlike that evil alcohol stuff Mom and Dad drink.

How does marijuana work? What is the effect of marijuana on the human brain? These are common questions. A new video published to YouTube by an artist/musician Mitchell Moffit attempts to explain the science behind marijuana, in easy-peasy Internet style.

With cute, animated graphics and a calm, young voice over, we get “stoner science” – an explanation of how marijuana is not like nasty alcohol, how marijuana is similar to calming chemicals your body already makes (and needs), how marijuana makes you more creative and insightful, etc etc etc.

Welcome to 2012, ¬†where school sucks, facts are too hard, everyone’s a liar, and the truth about how wonderful marijuana is can be found in wonderful educational videos on YouTUBE.

Click on the video to play it, so you can see what today’s kids are learning about marijuana.

Your Brain on Drugs

Titled “Your Brain on Drugs”, this video garnered 50,000 views it’s first day online. It sits on a channel called “asapScience”, a media program created by Moffit which pledges to deliver “Your weekly dose of fun and interesting science”. Among the videos posted so far to the channel:

  • Motion Sickness – What is It?
  • The Science of Procrastination
  • The Science of Orgasms
  • Scientific Tips to Lose Weight
  • The Scientific Power of Music

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Educational "science" video teaches why marijuana is good for you.





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