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Bath Salts On Trial: Missouri Man Kills Own Son While High

Missouri is the "show me" state, so show me the bath salts! New court cases continue to highlight the dangers of bath salts.

Missouri is the “show me” state, so show me the bath salts! New court cases continue to highlight the dangers of bath salts.

A hearing is underway in Missouri. A man known to use bath salts and marijuana reportedly warned his family members to stay away from him for specific time periods, because he knew he would be violent and didn’t want to hurt them. He saw things; he saw people. He carried a gun, and didn’t want to shoot any one. But he eventually did.

Charles Goforth is on trial for second degree murder. He shot his son Patrick in the head, from 2 inches away, in his own home.

The transcript of the hearing is chilling. On the one hand, we are witnessing two remaining sons try to tell the story of what happened, where they were, where Dad was, and why they were there, without getting caught in lies. Lies that might be intended to help Dad, or cover up things no one yet knows. On the other hand, we hear what a great kid young Patrick was, and how tragic the shooting was to all family members.

This hearing is taking place some 5 months after the incident. The use of bath salts was confirmed by toxicologists. Charles tested positive for marijuana (THC) and alpha-Pyrrolidinovalerophenone (alpha PVP) an ingredient in synthetic drugs commonly sold as “bath salts”. Bath salts have been connected to violent attacks and behavior. Bath salts were initially blamed for the infamous face eating zombie attack in Miami earlier this year.

Did bath salts cause Charles Goforth to shoot and kill his otherwise beloved son Patrick? The initial hearing is chock full of craziness:

  • Witnesses report a 5-6 minute silent period after a heated exchange between Dad and son, before a single shot killed Patrick
  • Police estimate the gun was less than 2 inches from Patrick’s head when it was fired.
  • Josh (another son) says Dad paid him $40 to “stay away” from the house because “he didn’t want to shoot us”
  • The father shot several rounds at his sons as they drove away with Patrick towards the hospital

The defense attorney asked for a reduction of bail, because his client is “not a flight risk”. Arraignment is scheduled for October 7th.

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Bath Salts on trial for murder in Missouri
High on bath salts, man kills son. Lawyer asks for bail, says "not a flight risk"


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