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Dr. Lisa Tseng aka “Dr. Feelgood” Caught in Undercover Sting

California’s “Dr. Feelgood” (Osetopathic physician Lisa Tseng) is the subject of an undercover video showing her interview a patient and prescribe painkillers and Xanax. The problem for Dr. Tseng is:  the patient was an undercover DEA agent, and the video suggests she is very lax with her patient reviews.

According to the ongoing saga of  Dr. Lisa Tseng, this “high prescriber” has been the subject of DEA review for quite some time. Problems date back to 2007. ABC news aired the undercover video, and noted that Dr. Tseng has settled 5 wrongful death suits associated with her prescribing high-potency pain killers like Oxycontin.

"The Drug Enforcement Administration alleges she wrote more than 27,000 prescriptions at her medical clinic within a three-year period at a rate of 25 per day with minimal questions."
- ABC News

In the undercover sting, the DEA agent sought an Oxycontin prescription, using a claim of wrist pain from an old  injury and wrist surgery. In the video we see Dr. Lisa Tseng flat out state that the subject’s wrists seem perfectly fine,  and that there are no scars from claimed prior surgery. Yet she still wrote a prescription for the pain killer Vicodin and the anti-anxiety medicine Xanax.

We will have to wait for the courts to decide if Dr. Tseng was operating within her rights as a physician when she prescribed Xanax and Vicodin for the patient who seemed concerned about his wrist pain. In the mean time, she’s charged with murder for deaths associated with medications she prescribed.

"...investigators described her office as a disaster zone where controlled drugs were left unlocked, allowing for patient access. Files were also mixed with boxes of junk mail."
- ABC news





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