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Billie Joe Armstrong Rides “Going to Rehab” Excuse

Billy Joe Armstrong of Green Day is headed to rehab allegedly for alcohol and prescription drug abuse. The announcement follows a guitar-smashing on-stage rant that was NOT well-received by fans at the iHeartRadio festival (PRPhoto)

Billie Joe Armstrong of the band Green Day is headed to rehab, according to reports citing his press agents. Just 2 days ago, Billie Joe went nuts on stage, ranting at iHeartRadio organizers who cut the Green Day set by 20 minutes to make room for other acts. Expletive-filled public rant on stage, followed by guitar smashing and generally bad behavior, followed up with a report of “headed to rehab” for a “substance abuse” problem. It’s like the greatest excuse for bad behavior you could ask for.

Celebrity headed to rehab? That’s almost cool these days. Rock and Roller smashing stuff in a rage over some rule or requirement? Not so cool. As Madonna learned herself, old-school f*ck the establishment rock n roll attitudes are not so welcomed any more. Now you’re expected to “chill”, “stay cool”, and maybe let loose some sarcasm, cynicism, and or allude to how “lame” it is, but get off the stage. If you find yourself ranting and even worse – smashing your instruments, you may also find yourself being stared at by a crowd of former fans who are thinking “hey what happened to him — he’s nuts.. not cool”.

And if that happens, confess your sins and head to rehab. You can get all the mental health care you need there, and of course manage your substance dependencies. And it’s probably cool with your contracts as well; many of them have rehab clauses built-in, as well as requirements to go there when the need arises.

Back in the seventies, bands from the sixties trashed hotel rooms, smashed instruments, and generally “went nuts” as part of their Rock n Roll bad behavior. It was classic bad-boy stuff. Of course it was often drug and alcohol fueled, but the substance use wasn’t to blame for the bad behavior. In fact, the substance abuse was PART of the bad behavior. And if you went to rehab, you kept it quiet.

Today, rehab is almost cool. Are you really “all that” if you haven’t yet been to rehab?

I don’t wish rehab onto anyone, but if you are using and need to get help, the best way is to get it while getting off the substances that are preventing you from acting rationally, thoughtfully, and positively. And if the public thinks it’s ok to “got to rehab” then by all means, use that as an excuse while you get help. After all, who can blame me for my bad behavior, if I was on drugs or boozing when I acted out? Right?



  1. “Tiana” sent in this comment:

    “I really DO NOT appreciate that article you wrote about Billie Joe going to rehab. “Today, rehab is almost cool. Are you really “all that” if you haven’t yet been to rehab?”??? I am sure Billie was NOT trying to look cool by stating that he was going to rehab. Substance abuse is a problem and he had to take care of it. Us, as fans, like to keep updated on what’s going on with him and him, knowing that, was trying to help us. The smashing of the guitar and their rebel behavior is a general thing for them and they were NOT doing it to try to be “cool” or impress anyone. They act the way they do because they simply don’t give a fuck. So I, and I’m sure most other fans, would appreciate if you took your middle finger and ****** (insult deleted)”

    Well, Tiana, I can appreciate your defense of your star, but the article highlights how “going to rehab” CAN be an excuse to explain bad behavior or to fix the messy public image associated with having made mistakes. Was it, in this case? Nobody knows.

    If you read JohnsAddiction.com you’ll see we’re all supportive of treatment and rehab. We wish more people would get it, and that it was easier to get. But “going to rehab” does not make the bad behavior “ok”. And bad behavior is not ok… although I suspect you might think it is.

    One of the biggest problems celebrities face is that the behaviors the fans reward them for, are unhealthy. The star suffers. Keep up the behavior (and get even more extreme?) to keep the fans, or lose them to the next “star” willing to get even more extreme. At some point, many stars turn to drugs and alcohol for help, and end up in rehab, or identity-related counseling.

    Everybody (fans and rock stars alike) needs to understand it’s a show, not real. And if the destruction and rage and bad-boy behavior on stage has to be real for you to get satisfaction from it, then maybe you need counseling as well.

  2. PLEASE READ THIS WHOLE COMMENT IF YOU ARE STRUGGLING WITH PRESCRIPTION ABUSE ISSUE’S…TRUST ME, YOU WILL BE GLAD YOU DID – I wish the best of luck to Billie…..yeah, maybe it’s all a show…a blacked out drug induced show, but a show none-the-less I think. Bottom line….being an ex-heroin addict, I have to assume he was either on opiate pain killers for his prescription pain killer abuse, but could have been benzo’s, BUT, it’s very unlikely that he had to go to rehab for a Benzo prescription abuse problem, as that is really the only thing that I can imagine would be the basis of blacking out and not being able to remember what he did. I have one friend in particular that when he goes on benzo’s (xanax specifically) he literally black’s out but doesn’t pass out, and just goes about his business in his extremely F’d up sort of way…driving of all things…he will literally pass out for a second or two, then pop up and catch his self whether it’s going off the road or heading straight to another vehicle driving in the other lane…YES, scary stuff and he could kill himself or MORE importantly someone else, god forbid. SO, the last straw with him was when he was coming up to a stop sign at the end of a long road passing over an extremely busy interstate highway (main road basically with 40-45mph driving) and looked up right when he was approaching the stop sign, and screamed through the stop sign crashing through a fence on the other side of the road flying into a cops yard, yes, a cops yard…..so, he ran across the street and hid his drugs he had on him, then gave the cops attitudes about it when they questioned him on how he managed to do that full speed. So, I don’t think it was Benzo’s that Billie Joe Armstrong was on for the mere fact that they are usually associated with passing out in way form or another, and being he was a heroin addict, prescription pain killers are the “legal” way to get that same feeling (somewhat the same) without breaking any laws, and the mix of pain killers and alcohol can certainly produce the blacking out mode in which there is no passing out, but just a crazy no holds bar night in which you do crazy things but don’t actually pass out, so hopefully he is addressing this head on and going to rehab for all the right reasons. The problem in the Hollywood scenes is that even with a previous heroin addiction, doctors will prescribe these pain killers to them with no second thoughts, and prescribe them with a pen that just never runs out of ink. So, my guess is that those prescription that he was “abusing” was oxycodone based pain killers, and those are just as dangerous as heroin….just more expensive and not as intense of a “high”. God Bless him and I sincerely hopes he get’s the help he needs, because those are an evil drug, and legal, which makes it even more scary. BUT, certainly better than the heroin addiction he faced. The problem is that they are treated the same way heroin addiction is treated. Which is basically meaning that a prescription pain killer addiction is pretty much the same as a heroin addiction….but it gives heroin addicts a way to get their high without doing anything illegal. I could go on and on about this issue, as I have MANY close people to me with this same problem, and I really hope that anyone that is on prescription pain killers get’s the help they need as they are a type of drug that lasts WEEEEELLLLLLL beyond the time frame in which the pain killers are prescribed to treat. It’s a crazy world, and it’s amazing to me that these prescription pain killers are the only way to attack pain that people have, and that they haven’t come up with a way to kill the pain without narcotic pain med’s….it’s just such a double edged sword for people that actually need them. It’s either live with the pain or live with the dependency.

    If there is anyone that needs help, please call national opiate addiction help hotlines that will point you in all the right directions or talk to your doctor and do ANYTHING you possibly can to get off of them, as it almost ruined my life until I did something about it, and as long as it takes, as hard as it is, it’s worth it people…it’s soooooo worth it. It’s a hard long process, and life really doesn’t start to get normal again for about six months (depending on the level of addiction that one person is in), but, after you wake up that one morning and you feel great, you will see it was all worth it, and you get your life back…you get your life back, and to everyone reading this that is having those struggles or has just started a pain killer regiment, you will either know what I mean and TOTALLY understand, or you will soon understand what I’m saying whether it’s one, two, three, four or ten years from now, you will understand what I’m saying to you right now, and you will think back to that time you just started taking them and say “he was right…he was right…he was right, and I should have listened, GOD DAMNIT I should have listened to him”….so best of luck to you all. God bless ya people!!! Listen to your heart…you listen to your brain and your brain will tell you to go meet Guido on the corner of 5th and Main, but in all seriousness….Opiate addiction is a disease, and should be treated as one. Your brain will tell you that you need more, but you know in your heart that you should not, and you know in your heart that your wife, girlfriend, parents, son(s), daughter(s), friends (even the addicted one’s) and everyone else close to you including yourself (hopefully) wants you to go get treatment if not for yourself, then for others around you that are affecting you and your life. This addiction affects the closest people to you, and reaches beyond that to your professional life, and your personal life most of all. I’ve been through this hell, and am still going through it. Bottom line is that your hearth will speak the truth to you, and your hearth will tell you what you need to hear, and as long as you listen to your heart, you will always be pointed in the right direction, and with a little help (we all need help sometimes) then you can overcome this disease, and beat it down to non-existence. Good luck everyone…Love you all!!!!

    I’m a 31 year old with an unbelievable fiance that helped me through all this, with a four month year old daughter that is an angel that I would do absolutely anything for (including ripping the heads off young men that starts bringing my daughter home late 16 years from now or 18 if I can help it but I know I won’t be able to, lol) and family that has supported me, and enabled me (which is what loved ones do up to a certain point) and have been through the struggles of getting that prescription for pain that escalated to the point of running out extremely early, not knowing what to do so I ended up buying them on the streets, then getting sick of paying so much so I ended up on the street looking for a cheaper fix, and TA-DA, heroin found it’s way into my life, and it’s cheaper in the beginning, but then you just end up getting an enormous tolerance for opiates and it ends up being just as expensive if not more expensive than anything else you were doing, and it ends up controlling your life.

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