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Portland Medicates via Water Supply to Save Healthcare Costs

Portland City Council Commissioner Nick Fish is medicating the drinking water to save on healthcare costs. He’s starting with Fluoride. What’s next for the city known for high rates of clinical depression? Prozac? Valium? Xannies?

Portland tops the list of the “most depressed” US cities, year after year. Counts of clinical depression, consumption of prescription anti-depressants, and self report of depressive moods have all reported cloudy, rainy, sunshine-deprived Portland as a  top contender for “most depressed city”.

Now the City Council of Portland Oregon has decided to medicate the citizens of Portland in order to reduce per-capita healthcare costs. The case made for adding medications to the water suggests a $35 per person per year savings on healthcare costs, citing a selected few medical issues that would be treated by dosing the water supply. No mention was made of the potential costs of side effects, or the potential for complications from other medications.

I presume Portland’s city council members expect physicians to start taking into consideration the involuntary dosing via the water supply, when prescribing additional medications.

"you cant put a drug into the water supply and expect that its not going to have side effects"

Portland citizens have previously fought adding fluoride to the public water system, citing the numerous known dangers of fluoridated water,  as well as the general concept of forcing citizens to ingest chemicals they may not want. Business Week reported that “Portland’s drinking water already contains naturally occurring fluoride, though not at levels considered to be effective at fighting cavities.”

Who Decided to Medicate Portland via the Water Supply?

Mayor Sam Adams is a lame-duck mayor — he is not seeking re-election. That frees him to make decisions that may not be in the best interests of Portlandians.  He could also set himself up for a job if he makes administrative decisions in favor of certain corporate interests. This appears to be one of those cases, since Portland is known to be a very liberal city.

Two city council commissioners pledged to support the plan, which gave a virtual approval since 1 mayor plus 2 commissioners is a winning majority vote in Portland. The plan was approved last week, and involuntary dosing via the water supply starts this coming March.

Commissioner Nick Fish, a Harvard lawyer from New York,  sponsored the plan. He’s apparently not from Portland – he moved to Oregon after his wife took a job at Portland State. According to an interview published on line, Fish comes from a family boasting of four generations as Congressmen in New York.  Shortly after arriving in Portland,  he ran for city council,  unsuccessfully.  He lost to current Mayor Sam Adams (the same Mayor Sam Adams known as the first openly gay mayor of a large US city, and the same one caught in a scandal involving a teenaged gay intern). Fish ran for city council twice more, eventually getting on the city council in a “special election”.  Fish has since executed on many ambitious projects, some of which have won awards for Portland.

One web site notes that Fish claimed to have grown up drinking fluoridated water in his birth town of Newport, and that he claimed to reporters this was the reason he has nice shiny white teeth. Investigations into the truth of that statement revealed Newport did not and still does not have fluoridated water.Maybe he was kidding?

The Power to Medicate Citizens Involuntarily to Save Money on Health Care

With this move to add fluoride to the water despite outspoken opposition from citizens who want to retain their own right to choose their own medications and supplements,  Nick Fish has cleared the way to move forward on the depression problem. A wee bit of Xanax or Valium in the water, for example, might reduce public healthcare costs a LOT more than the $35 per head this water treatment plan expects to save.

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Governments should NOT be free to medicate people using the water supply


Why stop at Fluoride? Why not add some Xannies or Valiums to the city water?





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