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Tom Brokaw Drunk on Ambien?

Freeze Frame from Youtube video of Tom Brokaw, during an episode of light-headedness on the “Morning Joe” TV show. Tom later reported he had mistakenly taken “half an Ambien”.

News man Tom Brokaw had a little on-air “incident” this week when he showed up for an appearance on the Morning Joe show with a disheveled appearance, unusual mannerisms, and what some called “slurred speech”. He was reportedly ‘light headed” and was taken to the hospital for evaluation, according to widespread reports.

Later, from his hospital bed, Brokaw sent out a twitter message that he had mistakenly taken “half an Ambien” in the morning, and that was the cause of his confusion and problems. He has since been released, with all reports suggesting he is fine and there’s nothing to worry about.

However, Tom’s 72 years old, and one of the greats of TV news. But many of the comments on Internet posts scoffed at his “ambien” excuse, and pointedly suggested he was drunk. In some cases, readers suggest they know what an “Ambien trip” is like, and that it doesn’t involve slurred speech. Others snidely suggest the Ambien must have been  a specific brand of Ambie known as “Kettle 1 Ambien” (a reference to Kettle 1 Vodka).

"The newsman does look a little loopy, staring absentmindedly at the floor, his shirt rumpled and words slurred."

There are so many health issues that can lead to confusion, including light-headedness and slurred speech, including such serious conditions as mild stroke and blood pressure problems. Getting checked out was the right move.

We don’t know Tom Brokaw’s personal medical history or whether he is on medications, and it’s probably none of our business. Anyone on multiple medications (if he is) faces a significant risk of medication errors.

"Stories about old people messing up their medications almost never turn out to be so full of good news. Well done, Mr. Brokaw — it seems you win again."
- Comedy site TheFW.com

The Internet is a cruel mistress to celebrities… even the LA Times coverage which was respectful and professional, ended with a zinger:

the newsman didn’t explain: How do you “mistakenly” take an Ambien?–LATimes

I think the suggestions that Tom Brokaw was drunk in the morning are pretty much out of line… for now.

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