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Adolescent Sleepover Ends In Accidental Heroin Overdose

Brett Cronin stands accused. The 23 year old drug abuser was involved in a sleepover that turned ugly. A 13 year old died of a heroin overdose.

It isn’t clear who was in charge of overseeing the kids that night, or if big brother Brett Cronin was in fact, acting as their babysitter. What is known is that on August 10th, the 23 year old Cronin was charged for the murder of the family’s house guest, a 13 year old boy, who had stayed overnight for a sleepover.

LAPD police originally reported that Cronin, 23 years old, allegedly injected his brother’s 13 year old friend with heroin. KTLA reports Cronin may have only provided the drugs to the boy. Either way the boy went into convulsions after the injection of heroin. Cronin, allegedly aware of the problem,  put the child to bed instead of calling for help. Eight hours later, Cronin finally made the call to the Fire Department, who arrived at the Woodland Hills home. The boy was unresponsive and pronounced dead at the scene.

Cronin is said to have lived at the home with his grandmother, father, extended family and several young children, all apparently unaware of what had happened that Monday night. A sleepover for 13 year olds, left completely unsupervised except for the drug-using 23 year old brother?

There is some uncertainty about whether or not the other family members were aware of Cronin’s drug use.  According to LA Weekly, a San Fernando Valley man on Facebook with the name “Brett Cronin” updated his Facebook status with this post in March of 2012, just 5 months ago:

 “I’m finally getting clean again for ME this time, I picked up a supply of xanax and suboxone flushed the rest of my dope down the toilet, gave the xannies and subs to my dad to doll out to me each day so I don’t abuse them, and hopefully within 2 weeks I should be completely off that shit. ‘I’ll still be smoking weed but that’s all I’ll be doing from now on, except the occasional xanny maybe.”

If family members did know of his despairing drug addiction, the question begs to be answered: Where were the parents and why was this active addict left in charge of a 13 year old sleepover party?

Where were the parents and why was this active addict left in charge of a 13 year old sleepover party?



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