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Operation Log Jam Deemed a Success: 19 Million Packets of Synthetic Drugs and $36 Million in Cash Seized

A joint press conference was held the morning of Thursday, July 26th at DEA Headquarters in Arlington, Virgina. The Agency had big news: Operation Log Jam was a success. Over than 90 individuals were arrested and more than five million packets of finished designer synthetic drugs were seized as part of the Operation.

ICE is committed to working with our law enforcement partners to bring this industry to its knees.
- James Chaparro, Acting Director of ICE’s Office of Homeland Security Investigations

Operation Log Jam is the first-ever nationwide law enforcement action against the synthetic designer drug industry. Primary targets in the operation targeted every level of the synthetic designer drug industry, including retailers, wholesalers, and manufacturers. The operation was conducted simultaneously in over 109 U.S. cities.

More than $36 million in cash,  4.8 million packets of synthetic cannabinoids (e.g. K2, Spice) and the products to produce nearly 13.6 million more were seized.  Also collected as part of the Operation were 167,000 packets of synthetic cathinones (bath salts) and the products to produce an additional 392,000.

“This enforcement action has disrupted the entire illegal industry, from manufacturers to retailers,” DEA Administrator Michele M. Leonhart said.


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