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Graduate of Controversial Shock Therapy School Now Wants to be an Electrician

You can’t make this stuff up folks. The controversial Judge Rotenberg Center, previously highlighted for a barbaric shock therapy video presented at an abuse trail and circulated on the Internet, is now boasting of a new graduate who has gone on to become an electrician!

Yes, the school for troubled children that advocates rather extreme shock therapy as treatment, apparently made enough of an impression on one adolescent that he’s now compliant, has graduated high school, and has completed training for a career as an electrician.The Judge Rotenberg management.. the same management that video taped its employees shocking the heck out of a non-compliant teen (watch the YouTube video), proudly announced this success story on the web site.

Graduate of controversial shock therapy school for autistic kids wants to be an electrician!

You gotta love electricity, with all of its wonderous properties. What better way for a now compliant former problem child to stay close to the source of his success over his demons, than to become an electrician? Seriously?


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