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Movie “Bill W.” – Documentary of AA Founder to Screen in NYC

"Bill W." documentary about the life of AA founder Bill Wilson, screens at the Quad Cinema in NYC starting May 18

Bill W.  is a “tremendously moving” documentary chronicling the life of Alcoholics Anonymous co-founder William Wilson (Dr. Bill).

Eight years in the making, the film tells Bill’s story through letters, archival audio recordings, interviews and the recreation of important scenes from his life, along with old photos and some never before seen film footage.

Mr. Wilson suffered from alcoholism, which nearly cost him his life. In 1935 he managed to sober up with the help of 3 other men, and documented the process as what would be the first “AA meeting”.  More than 2 million men and women would soon follow in the ex-Wall Street securities analyst’s footsteps, in recovery from alcoholism.

The success inevitably pushed Mr. Wilson away from the community he created, but also earned him a spot on TIME Magazine’s 100 persons of the 20th century list.

Where: The Quad Cinema, New York

When:  Starts Friday, May 18 running through Thursday, May 24th with showtimes  at  1:00, 3:05, 5:15, 7:20 & 9:50 PM

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Bill W. a documentary about AA founder to screen in NYC starting May 18




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