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Hangover Cure: Hop on the Bus, Get an IV Treatment

Cruising the Las Vegas strip all day looking for hangover sufferers, this bus administers IVs with vitamins, anti-inflammatories, and fluids for a 45 minute hangover "cure". You'll be all set to resume the partying!

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, a medical doctor pimps a tour bus and drives it up and down the Las Vegas strip loaded with IV anti-hangover treatments and a genuine board certified anesthesiologist. Fur realz.

“Hangover Heaven” is a big bus full of vitamins, liquids, and assorted aldehyde-managing substances designed to have you feeling better in 20 minutes, and all-treated in under 45. For a mere $150 to $200 complete.

The mobile medical unit offers 2 levels of service for those who have embraced the alcohol party atmosphere a little “too fast and too furious”.

Why let bad judgement ruin the rest of your vacation? Try the “Redemption” package for under a hundred bucks…. which is merely the cost of a few Vegas drinks anyway.

Or get more relief with the “Salvation” package, which is the “full boat” alcohol treatment, for $200. Included is an examination, hydration, anti-inflammatory medications, and vitamins selected for their aldehyde-processing skillz.

The trick to hangover management is in the secret sauce, according to the Hangover Heaven web site:

Contrary to popular belief, the solution for hangovers is not simply hydration. The major problem with hangovers is the toxic reaction to alcohol. Alcohol is a poisonous substance and the body breaks this substance down into aldehydes which can make you feel horrible. The only way to treat this is either with medications or time.
- HangoverHeaven.com

Anesthesiologist Dr. Jason Burke is behind this saving grace of a treatment bus. He not only provides bus pickups at major Las Vegas casino hotels throughout most of the morning and afternoon, but he will arrange in-room hangover treatments for a mere $500. He takes “Mastercard, Discover, Visa, American Express and Cash“.

The in-room treatment consists of an actual doctor coming to your room and administering two bags of IV fluids, IV anti-nausea medicine, IV anti-inflammatory medicine, and IV vitamins. It is our premium service and will have you feeling better before you know it. The complete treatment takes approximately 45 minutes.
- Hangover Heaven web site

The new hangover bus service starts April 14 and is limited to the Las Vegas strip, although with this kind of magic you know these doctors will figure out a way to start a New Orleans Mardi Gras run, and maybe even a New York City St. Paddy run in the near future!

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What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas - including your hangover. New mobile IV bus for Vegas boozers!

Watch this testimonial where anonymous man #1 reports drinking 3 bottles of Vodka himself during the night, having “a great night”, passing out, and waking up with a hangover of severity “10”. At least 3 IV’s later, he reports feeling “normal”, which, he adds, “is great”.

As a public service, we will put a link here to a real alcohol addiction treatment program… as soon as we have one. If you have one to suggest, let us know using the “tell us if you like it” link above the headline. Everyone thanks you.


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