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Mike “The Situation” Faces Identity Crisis in Addiction Treatment Center

The flash of the abs made him famous, and now Mike "The Situation" sells himself through personal appearances, a stage act, workout DVS and self-help advice. His alcohol problems and visits to alcohol treatment may interfere with his celebrity career.

Jersey Shore’s Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino is in rehab (again) but this time facing a major identity crisis. According to the creative journalists in celebrity gossip, Mike completed alcohol detox and checked into a rehab in Utah. That treatment center specifically bans Mike from flashing his signature abdominals or wearing “douchebag clothing”.

That’s right… celebrity gossip journalists are tearing apart the policy guides of celebrity rehab centers to find “situations” that appear to create crisis for The Situation. Not only can’t he drink while in rehab, but he can’t be his signature self!

Some of the policy notes highlighted by TMZ include:

  • no muscle shirts in alcohol rehab
  • no sleeveless tops in alcohol rehab
  • no ripped jeans in alcohol rehab
  • no hats
  • no sunglasses
  • no clothing with obscene language displayed
  • accidental thong exposure
  • “no abdominal exposure” – specifically!

Mike has built his celebrity career on success flashing his abs on “Jersey Shore”, but is making a living with live appearance and sells merchandise from his OfficialSituation website.


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"The Situation" now has a situation! Alcohol Abuse Treatment Center bans ab-flashing!


  • TMZ breaking this story
  • Official TheSituation web site



  1. God bless him he’s obviously doing the right thing and the celebrity sites are just making stories to sell newspapers.

  2. Showing skin in rehab or detox is definitely a NO NO!! The reasons are simple.. DISTRACTION!!!!

    An inpatient treatment facility should be a “safe” environment where you are able to focus on yourself, go inside yourself and try and forget the material or physical world (which got our heads into such a tailspin to begin with). If patients were allowed to flaunt body parts, talk promiscuously, or engage in sexually charged behavior they could potentially lose sight of what brought them into the substance abuse “Situation” to begin with.

    Also for a lot of patients walking through the door into detox or rehab, their sex lives have been dormant or very very quiet for the months or years leading up to treatment. Once in treatment, the dust begins to clear and the body “awakens”. It’s pretty natural to feel like it should be “show time” – but that’s not the right environment.

    Having clearly defined policies and a 0 tolerance for promiscuous behavior is necessary for successful detox/rehab. We hope that Mike the Situation finds he has more to offer than just a set of killer abs.

  3. BeenThereDoneThat says:

    I’ve been to AA meetings that are all about the hookup. It is distracting but then again, I was there for the hookups myself 🙂

    Nobodies ready till their ready.


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