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Crazy Like A Fox: Woman Plays Mentally Ill to Avoid Jury Duty

To avoid jury duty, hairdresser Susan Cole devised a plan “to appear to be mentally unstable” and it worked. Until she then bragged about it on a local Denver radio station talk show. The judge was listening. She's been arrested.

Susan Cole of Denver, Colorado didn’t want to serve on jury duty. So the hairdresser devised a plan to show up wearing odd clothes, mismatched shoes, and claimed to be homeless. She also claimed to suffer from post traumatic stress disorder. Judge Anne Mansfield and lawyers involved in jury selection gave her a pass.

Months later, the ego driven brainiac called into a radio talk show where host Dave Logan was discussing ways to avoid jury duty. She bragged of her successful ruse. She also boasted of how funny the story is every time she retells it to her hair salon friends and customers. In Denver. The same city where Judge Mansfield presides.

I bet she didn’t expect that the judge would be listening to that same show. Yes, Judge Mansfield remembered Susan Cole, a woman who had claimed mental illness and avoided jury duty months earlier.

She’s now been arrested and booked for “perjury and attempting to influence a public servant” according to The Smoking Gun.

She faked mental illness to avoid jury duty, and bragged about it on the radio. Now she’s in jail.



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