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Drunks, Pills, and Drunken Dogs in Montana

In Montana, people sometimes drink too much, take illegal pain killers, and buy their dogs shots of Vodka for the road. And get arrested. The mugshot is real, the dog is a stand-in from a shelter picture (see "adopt me" link below).

THIS JUST IN – A story out of Montana, involving a drunk, an unclaimed baggie of hydrocodone pills (imprint “M366”), and a Pomeranian dog registering a 0.348 blood alcohol concentration level (nearly high enough to kill a human).

No it’s not the latest viral joke circulating the adult humor forums on 4chan… it’s an allegedly true story making the rounds in today’s gawker online news. The mug shot posted by SmokingGun, allegedly shows ¬†Todd Schrier, arrested at the VFW Bar in East Helena, Montana. The dog in the picture is a pomeranian up for adoption — we don’t have an actual photo of the actual drunk pomeranian to show you.

According to the reports, and this is all “alleged” at this point, bar employees called the cops to report a drunken pomeranian. They thought it needed help. Someone reported it had consumed a “vodka to go” provided by one of the drinking bar patrons.

A drunk guy in the VFW Bar told investigating officers the dog was part-owned by his friend, Schrier, and was “probably” drunk. The dog was taken for help, where a vet measured the dog’s blood calcohol at 0.348… 4 times the limits we humans consider impairing, and near the deadly levels for humans. The typical Pomeranian is less than 20 lbs, and usually closer to 10 pounds body weight. With so little blood, a healthy shot or double of vodka could lead to such high BAC levels.

Officers reported the dog was alert and awake, but unable to walk straight. We won’t know for sure how the dog felt, until he recovers from his bender.

About those hydrocodone pills? When police located Schrier he was outside for a smoke… and the baggie of pills was found on the ground nearby. Some bar patrons interviewed by cops reported having seen him with it earlier, and he was charged with possession.

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Two drunks, a bag of hydrocodone pills and a 0.348 BAC Drunken Pomeranian - in Montana.





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