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Amish Buggy with Alcohol Evades Police, Crashes

Oh those rowdy Amish teenagers are at it again! This time a group of Amish horse drawn buggies scattered when police arrived to break up an underage party, apparently running off into the fields and woods to escape capture. One buggy crashed into a police car.

According to reports, one buggy driver properly pulled out of the lane to allow the patrol car to pull alongside, but a second buggy behind it must have felt he was being cut off, because he quickly pulled out INTO that same lane, and crashed into the patrol car. The buggy flipped over, and the driver was thrown from the horse. The horse wisely ran off to hide in a barn.

Alcoholic containers discovered in the buggies became the news of the day for the local Amish community and surrounding municipalities of western New York state (Chautauqua County including Sherman, NY). Most of the buggy drivers were underage teenaged Amish, but one was 20 years old and now faces charges related to enabling and corrupting minors.

County police had been called to follow up on local suspicion of an underage party late afternoon Sunday. The news reports do not claim there were open alcoholic containers in the buggies, nor are there any reports of driving under the influence nor driving while intoxicated, both serious offenses in New York State. Perhaps the Amish were reliably disciplined in their drinking and driving following the close of the party, but they still got caught for possession of alcohol by minors, and of course the unfortunate police car-Amish buggy collision.

This is not a super unusual event for Amish country. Teenagers experiment with alcohol, and Amish teenagers experiment with western traditions that are prohibited in adult Amish life, which includes alcohol. The Amish are well known for their keen understanding of western society, despite their decision not to participate in much of it. Hopefully the Amish promote alcohol awareness among Amish youth, and have ways of providing alcohol detox, rehab and counseling for those who might need it.

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After underage drinking party, one Amish buggy driver crashes with patrol car while others flee.


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