December 15, 2019  Last Update: November 12, 2019, 4:01 pm

Lime-A-Rita Latest AlcoPop from Anheuser Busch

Lime-A-Rita concept beer from Anheuser Busch. Alcopops are fruity alcoholic beverages some claim are squarely aimed at youth (especially girls).

The race to replace beer and wine with fresher, younger, more attractive fruity-laced alcoholic beverages continues with Anheuser-Busch “test beer L” also known as “Lime-A-Rita”. Beer Street Journal and MyBeerBuzz websites report taste tests and samples circulating courtesy of local distributors and sales reps.

This green-labeled Margarita-beer is only the latest alcopop to follow in the successful footsteps of FourLoko, Chick Beer, Joose, Smirnoff Ice, hard lemonade, etc. ad nauseum. It seems these days everything is gone fruity, since the start way back in the 90’s when White Zinfandel and wine coolers took over the picnic basket.

Anheuser Busch is also preparing new flavors of Shock Top beer, and a new cider,  “hard tea”  and lemonade-flavored version of Michelob Ultra.

Lime-A-Rita as shown is 6% ABV, while some alcopops have pushed limits with alcohol content far in excess of typical beer levels. Alco-Pops are a big trend right now.



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