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Alcoholism in the Navy : New Drug and Alcohol Testing in 2012

Navy Secretary Ray Mabus addressing troops. Mabus announced new readiness initiatives that include random drug and alcohol testing for sailors and marines. Photo courtesy United States Navy

Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus  addressed the US fleet with information about new alcohol and synthetic substances programs designed to reduce the number and severity of problems the Navy has with alcohol and designer drugs like synthetic marijuana (K2, Spice, etc). The efforts are part of a new “readiness” campaign designed to improve overall potential effectiveness of the Navy and Marine forces.

Part of the new readiness includes breathalyzer tests for sailors stationed on board ships, submarines and at air squadrons.  Marines will also encounter random breathalyzer tests. The Navy will also start random urine sample testing, looking for synthetic chemical compounds including Spice, the synthetic marijuana (cannabinoid) highlighted last year when the Navy discharged dozens of sailors for substance abuse. The Air Force has also had Spice and synthetic drug problems.

Nicotine  and cigarettes are also on the chopping block – the Navy will discontinue discounts applied to cigarette sales at service depots. Watch the full speech below.

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Marines told no more discounted cigarettes!
US Marines and Navy Sailors now subject to random drug, alcohol testing.



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