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Gerard Butler Exits Prescription Drug Rehab

Actor Gerard Butler entered drug rehab to manage his use of prescription pain medications. He's out today, and healthy, according to reports. (PRPhotos)

Actor Gerard Butler is reported to have left prescription drug rehab today, “healthy”. Celebrity gossip site TMZ is reporting Butler started suffering from pain while preparing for the movie “300” back in 2006.

Butler left Betty Ford clinic today, according to TMZ.

Gerard James Butler played Spartan King Leonidas in the Warner Bros. movie 300 in 2006, which demanded great physical challenges.Reportedly, Buteler started using pain medicines to manage the pain at that time. Based on a Frank Miller graphic novel, 300 created a new set of fans for Butler.

Butler recently suffered a surfing accident while filming “Of Men and Mavericks”, which may have increased his need for effective pain management. Butler described the surfing event in interviews, saying he was held under water almost a minute by pressure from large waves that “came out of nowhere”. He was rescued by a crew member and taken to a hospital.

In today’s report of Butler leaving rehab, TMZ also references a mention of cocaine, and includes the word “alcohol” in the web site, although it is assumed Butler entered rehab to manage his pain killer use.

"Butler realized he was relying too much on prescription drugs and decided to head off a full-blown addiction by entering Betty Ford"



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