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What was Demi Smoking?

Demi Moore 911 recording drugs

Demi Moore's 9-1-1 call describes Demi smoking a form of incense, and having convulsions. The Fire Department redacted portions of the tape mentioning specific substances, for "privacy reasons".

The 911 call for Demi Moore’s emergency has been released. The friend who called 911 from Demi’s home told 911 that Moore was semi-conscious and convulsing after smoking something like incense. Internet media outlets are reporting Demi’s problems stemmed from inhaling nitrous oxide, or “whippets”.

The confusion probably stems from the fact that the LA Fire Department redacted portions of the audio recording, according to TMZ, removing mentions of specific substances. They did it for privacy reasons.

So while the world is focused on whip-its or whippets, we suspect Demi smoked some synthetic designer drugs similar to  bath salts, which are widely sold as “incense”.

Two different females spoke to the emergency operator: the first was desperate to get the ambulance and the second was calmer. The official report from Demi’s public relations people said Moore was being treated for exhaustion.

The rumor mill  is in full service around the event. Some  are saying the combination of what she smoked and the prescription medications she is taking caused her to have a severe reaction. There are even reports that Demi may have “overdosed” on Red Bull, which she was reportedly consuming in place of food, as part of her anorexia.

"She smoked something, it’s not marijuana, it’s similar to incense. She seems to be having convulsions."
- 911 call

RumorFix has published a claim that Demi Moore was smoking a brand of synthetic marijuana called “Head Trip”. Their source for this information was not disclosed. An online retailer of Head Trip describes it as:

Head Trip Incense. Head Trip is another product from the makers of Cloud 10. Head Trip incense is relaxing and potent at the same time. It will change the atmosphere you’re in. Made in the USA. Aromatherapy purposes only. Head Trip Herbal Incense is not for human consumption. Head Trip Herbal Incense is lab certified not to contain JWH18, JWH73, HU210, HU211, CP47. Head Trip is from the same folks who brought you Cloud 10 and Groove. Their products are always great and consistently quality. We absolutely love them. As herbal incense goes, you cannot go wrong with a Cloud 10 product. Not for human consumption. XXX and the manufacturers of Head Trip Incense are not responsible for misuse of this item."
- Internet incense shop

The references to ingredients define this as a synthetic marijuana product. The “JW” ingredients were first synthetized by John W. Huffman, the organic chemist from Clemson University who created most of today’s “experimental cannabinoids. The “HU” substances were created by researchers at Hebrew University in 1988. HU210 is said to be “100 to 800 times more potent than natural THC from cannabis” (Wikipedia). The ingredient CP47 is CP 47,497, created by Pfizer.

More than 39 states have banned the sale of synthetic marijuana, following numerous reports of abuse and harm. In New Jersey, drug detox experts report a high incidence of synthetic marijuana use among patients. New Jersey is the latest state to ban synthetic marijuana.

Moore has recently split from Ashton Kutchner, her younger husband, and has been handling it badly according to reports. She claims they’ve separated because of  his infidelity; he attributes it to her increased use of prescription medications.


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