July 29, 2014  Last Update: April 21, 2014, 9:13 pm

CVS — DEA: Florida High Prescribers (XLS)

That’s the name of the spreadsheet file containing a list of pain pill prescribing physicians in Florida that CVS has “blacklisted”. At least one doctor is suing CVS over the list, claiming it has branded him a criminal or otherwise less-respectable than other docs not on the black list.

We’d like to see a copy of that file if anyone can send it to us. Email it to me (john) at this domain.




  1. [...] think the DEA played a role. The Orlando Sentinel obtained a copy of the document titled “CVS — DEA: Florida High Prescribers (XLS).” Notice the letters “DEA” in the file name. The Sentinel also asked about that, [...]

  2. […] CVS DEA Florida High Prescribers XLS File  […]

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