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Long Island’s “Heroin Highway”

long island's Heroin highway the Long Island Expressway

The Long island Expressway between Queens and Suffolk County is being called the Heroin Highway. Interstate 495 is traveled by drug consumers tired of paying high prices for heroin on the east end of Long Island. Heroin sourced from South America is cheaper in Queens.

A Queens District Attorney is calling the Long island Expressway the “Heroin Highway”, according to a Wall Street Journal report. During 2011, authorities busted over 120 people involved in an active heroin trade between the outer boroughs of New York City (Queens and  Brooklyn) and Suffolk County on the east end of Long Island.

It seems New York City dwellers have access to cheap heroin from South America, while more affluent middle class drug consumers out in the sticks can only get high-priced smack. They like to mix it with their hydrodocone and oxycodone. Law enforcement says heroin use on Long Island has been “skyrocketing”.

Investigations revealed a pattern of suburban Long Islanders  “heading into the city” to buy heroin, but actually stopping at diners, news stands, and other pre-arranged meeting spots in Queens. Drug dealing Queens residents sold them South American heroin for a much lower price than the typical Suffolk County street price.

Drug forum users have been predicting an increase in heroin use as states crack down on doctor shopping and the illicit prescription pain killer trade. Pain killer addicts facing trouble maintaining their supply are  chasing heroin in powder form, which they can mix with oxys and snort.  Oxycodone and hydrocodone are also known as “synthetic heroin”.

Drug enforcement agents have been kept busy on Long Island in the past year. There have been pharmacy robberies on Long island by crazed killers seeking oxycontin, and doctors busted for prescribing large amounts of opiates, sometimes dealing prescription pain pills from their cars.




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