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White House Prescription Drug Abuse Plan

white house national drug control strategy

The White House has a National Drug Control Strategy, but also a working 4 point plan to manage the current prescription drug abuse problem.

R. Gil Kerlikowske is President Obama’s top drug policy adviser. He recently outlined the current administration’s plan to address the prescription drug abuse problems in the US.

The issues, and the approaches to solving them, align perfectly with what we have been witnessing here at JohnsAddiction. Based on what we’ve been seeing, this approach should help curb the problems, perhaps more than other more loudly advertised approaches.

Kevin Sabet, a former senior adviser in the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy, summarized the 4 pronged approach to managing the national prescription drug abuse problem  succinctly in an editorial:

The White House’s four-point plan to curb prescription drug abuse:

  • educate prescribers, parents and young people about the dangers of overdose
  • shut down illegitimate “clinics” that freely sell these drugs
  • establish electronic monitoring at pharmacies
  • encourage the proper disposal of unused medications

Of course more could be done. This is not a comprehensive solution to the “problem of addiction”. Many aspects of addiction and recovery are not represented in this summary plan. But as a formalized response to the current prescription drug abuse problem, it makes a lot of sense. Perhaps most importantly, it sounds  practical. Reasonable. It sounds like it could actually get done.


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