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Ron Paul’s “Hearty Support of Heroin”

ron paul with prostitutes and heroin

According to the news outlets, Ron Paul wants to legalize prostitution and heroin. Here we show photographs of Rep. Ron Paul with two street prostitutes and heroin works.

Does Representative Ron Paul support the legalization of heroin?

The controversial presidential candidate suggested the legalization of heroin should be like the legalization of anything else – something for states to consider. But in true Ron Paul fashion, he took advantage of the question to get media attention and the sexy soundbyte.

He reversed the initial question. Instead of addressing it directly, Ron Paul highlighted what he suggested was the assumption behind the question — that legalizing heroin would lead to increased voluntary recreational heroin use. Then he made that idea seem ridiculous, and almost everyone in the audience agreed.

Watch the video to hear the question – about legalizing prostitution and heroin use – and his theatrical twist of that question into a ridiculous-sounding suggestion that everyone would choose to shoot up heroin if it were legalized:

The media is eating this up. Plenty of reports that Ron Paul supports the legalization of heroin (and prostitution). Even the quote used for the title of this post… a reference to Ron Paul’s “hearty support of heroin”.

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"The media coverage of Ron Paul comments is ridiculous"
"Ron Paul wants heroin legalized"
"Ron Paul never actually suggested legalizing heroin"

or if you want to continue the distortion, why not

Photo of Ron Paul with street prostitutes and heroin needle!



  • San Antonio news says Ron Paul Favors Legalizing Heroin
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