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Blowfish Hangover Remedy?

Is Blowfish the new hangover cure, or a slick marketing job pushing basic over the counter ingredients?

Woke up with a hangover? Blowfish says it has the answer.

Blowfish is an effervescent tablet containing 500 mg of aspirin, 60 mg of caffeine, 406 mg of sodium and 12.6 mg phenylalanine. Dissolve 2 tablets in 2 cups of water, drink it and they guarantee it’ll be the best hangover remedy. If not, they guarantee to make it up to you.

The creator is a Harvard alum who apparently wants everyone to know she’s a Harvard alum. She got the idea for Blowfish while at Harvard, but shelved the idea while working for 7 years in a private equity firm. Now she’s started Rally Labs, LLC, the marketer of  Blowfish.

Googling “Brenna Haysom” brought up this article in Harvard Crimson where she is quoted about…big surprise…partying, and students’ love of alcohol parties:

"People are so psyched to have alcohol," Haysom says. "It was a really good party."

The current hype around Blowfish is less about anything innovative or new, and apparently a big marketing push. Many news reports are calling Blowfish an” FDA approved hangover pill”. Yet it’s really nothing but a mixture of over the counter ingredients already known to help with hangovers (aspirin, caffeine, stomach soothers).

“The tablets will hit Duane Reade shelves in January” according to the New York Daily News. Blowfish is already available  in Ricky’s NYC stores, and Manhattan has 24 hour courier service with 60 minute drug delivery. WOW.

Haysom ‘s interviews sound like a person performing a public service. She shares her hangover experiences and sympathizes with us. She wants to help us.

“So many people see hangovers as a shameful or embarrassing thing. I think of them as just a fact of life,” said Brenna Haysom, the creator of Blowfish through the West Village-based Rally Labs LLC.

However, new reports suggest the marketing push is too strong.. and that FDA is saying it’s concerned about the claims Blowfish is making. The FDA doesn’t “approve” over the counter drugs as safe and effective  like it does for prescription drugs. When asked specifically about Blowfish, the FDA expressed concern about an over the counter formulation that combines caffeine and an antacid.

Burgess said, "...the Agency has proposed that a product combining an antacid ingredient and caffeine not be considered generally recognized as safe and effective."

Despite Haysom’s claims to having invented the perfect hangover cure, the best way to manage a hangover is with prevention:  drink lots of water and be sure to eat before and while you drink alcohol.






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