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Gambling Addiction Beaten with Cheats

Goa Ge wants to turn problem gamblers away from gambling, by showing them how easily the casinos can rig the games against the player. Photo via China Daily

Chinese gambler Gao Ge thinks he has a solution to the problem of gambling addiction. The 41 year old was profiled in China Daily.

Gao is a cheater. He mastered the art of the gambling cheat in Chinese casinos, and made a living that way. He’s been up big with winnings. He’s been down low after losing. And he’s been caught cheating, beaten, and imprisoned by a casino boss.

Now Gao Ge he runs his own casino, which is rigged with his best cheats, and is used as a teaching tool aimed at dissuading problem gamblers from continuing to lose big to the casinos. Players who enter quickly discover the casino boss in this case has a huge advantage, and is willing to disclose it.

"I just want to make them see the truth that they will always lose. Casinos are for cheaters. I dont think anyone would want to go on gambling after they discover the truth.
- Gao

Gao has reportedly “treated” 500 people, convincing them to quit gambling.

What was the event that caused Gao to move away from as successful career as a casino cheat?

Gao was severely beaten and kept under house arrest by the casino’s owners for a week. He was allowed to leave only after he helped win a large sum of money for the boss. “You can never be too careful as a cheat,” he said philosophically. “A gambler will lose his money, a cheater can lose his life.” The incident proved a turning point for Gao…

The story is an interesting read, although aimed more at foolish optimists than hard core addicts. Those who still believe they can “win it all back”. The threshold for addiction is tough to identify. For many with gambling problems, sometimes addicts need to see the real impact gambling has on their self and on others. For Gao, they may just need to see the true hopelessness of the gamble.


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