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“Video Game Addiction”, Starring Alec Baldwin

The world is just coming to terms with addiction, and the role addiction plays in our society. Words With Friends is clearly an "addicting" game, even if Alec Baldwin doesn't really believe he has a video game addiction.

Gaming is rewarding. People of all ages play online games —  we all want to be winners. But if you leave the game before it’s over, you don’t win. Programmers know this and use it to suck you in:  shoot for points, pay for perks, gain XP, get higher powers.

Games tickle your brain, and some games seem to “feed the monster” we know as addiction. In the end you’re the winner, but usually it only matters if you keep playing, and keep leveling up. Usually you just quit when you lose, are mentally and physically exhausted, or run out of battery.

Alec Baldwin was playing the online game, Words With Friends, while waiting for his LAX flight to depart. They closed the doors, and he was asked to stop, but he didn’t. When he refused to comply, he was ejected from the flight. Is it a case of “He said”, “She said”?  Is it just a publicity stunt by Alec, for press or to be hip, relevant? Maybe, but, maybe Alec Baldwin couldn’t put down a video game.

When CNN anchor... tagged Alec Baldwin in a tweet asking about "Words with Friends," the actor replied, "Its...well....addicting."

It’s sooooo easy to cite that sexy word “addiction” these days. Was that a casual reference, or is there more to it?

Alec wanted to play his video game. As he played, he didn’t want to stop even for something important (avoiding conflict with attendant). In conflict, he asserted his belief that he should be entitled to break the rules (in order to keep playing). He chose to spend emotional energy defending his access to his supply. Faced with eviction (and possible consequences from simple lateness to more serious fines or detention) he chose to play and secure his right to keep playing.

No one is better at spinning the public image than celebrities like Alec Baldwin. AA is wrong, the attendant needs better training, the rules are stupid. And the video game.. well… it’s “addicting”.

Update: Alec Baldwin used his Huffington Post access to publish an apology (to the other flyers) and to highlight what the real problem was… one flight attendant. According to Alec, American Airlines post 9/11 is lacking in the elegance department, and one particular flight attendant was giving him a hard time.

The best statement of all came from a commenter, who wisely quipped:

“She probably thought you were Stephen.”

Update: A true comedian, Alec is making sweet lemonade from the publicity. Via a skit on Saturday Night Live, Alec attempts to draw American Airlines pilot Steve Rogers into the public eye. Alec dresses as the pilot, and apologizes to Alec Baldwin for the horrible way he was treated by the bankrupt  airline.







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