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I Love Weed… and Pain Killers

Mother of 2 boys under 3 years old was zonked out on pain killers when they wandered off alone.

Another one to add to our “favorite mugshots” collection. A Connecticut mother of two boys, aged 2 and 3, was arrested after police found her sons wandering alone in the rain, alongside a stream in the neighborhood.  Police believe they were wandering around in the rain by themselves for about an hour, in nothing but diapers. She was charged with endangering the welfare. As you can see from the mugshot, she was wearing her “I Love Weed” t-shirt.

"Police arrived after a neighbor reported the children playing unattended by a stream. They believe that the children had been outside, alone, in the rain for at least an hour."

The mother claimed she dozed off and the boys wandered off on their own. And that the husband was home, but he was asleep as well.  The police cite a different cause for the neglect:

"It wasn’t an incident where she just dozed off," explained Sgt. Michael Green of the East Hampton Police Department. "She was heavily under the influence of pain medications."

And how did the boys explain their actions? Well, according to the Dad, they told him they went out looking for buried treasure.


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